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the best CMS i ever found and use is Joomla,its easy to learn and configurebut thare is one point missing "i think" is costumising themes,we only have to use downloadable ones from the net,while you need somtimes to built you own,so if there is any way or component to do thismy question


Rachiche, this forum is for introductions of people, I would delete or edit this thread as soon as possible,before being warned by the admin. On your question though I have a little idea for that. The only problem is that most templates are not customizable unless done by hand. You have to move it around using the <div> files and <tbl> settings, you also have to change the CSS files along with the XML files.I would like to say that customizing is something that will come soon, when the templates become standard, and a component may come that has a CSS WYSIWYG editor that works with Joomla templates only. The only customizable template so far is RocketTheme, but you have to pay for their Rockla, and their custom Joomla.


I am not to sure myself on offline or online Joomla template generators, but I do believe this a plain version template in the joomla file download that you an use to learn and customize your own templates. Of course, it helps to find some tutorials or even some books on how to make efficient Joomla templates.