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123 Start Kissing!

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Well this is about a boy and a girl They hadn't kissed each other before and wanted to desperately do so. So they decide a time period or rather submission date for their kissing! They both wait for the day and even try to research on the internet about kissing and stuff!Aren't kissing and stuff supposed to be spontaneous! Aren't display of love comes from inside and undecided or rather it is subject to deliberation and research!We have a very bad problem with the GenX who want love only for the pleasures..The full story and source:http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/(I don't own the article)


Well it wouldn't be wierd if the boy or the girl did it themselves and tried to find dating advice. Doing that stuff together makes them I guess feel closer, but its rather creepy to find advice from a person hiding behind a computer. I would say there is some method, as there are always is a method. It could feel like its random but then again there could be a larger play behind it. It could be that he wants to move slow, or she wants to start it fast, or they both want to end it feeling full. I would say that advice is advice to a point but you have to define your own future, as is the central focus of existentialism, the search of finding oneself and one's love.


That odd I have to admit but if it works for them what wrong with it. Some people need to start with scheduled stuff like that.