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About Domains I just cant figure it out.

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Hello all,I just cant figure out how to make domains work. I have gamerspub.uni.cc and I said to redirect to ns1.trap17.com and then I went into my cpanel and made a parcked domain with that name. But now it just comes up with a little box in the center that says 'gamerspub.uni.cc' so how do you do it because I am completley lost it seems. If an admin could do it for me that would be awsome too. Thank You! :P


I must ask... Did you fill is ns2? there has to be two nameservers...


Is there any way to register .com , .net or .org domain?



1st of all, you have to make sure that the Cpanel of the uni.cc has the domain pointing option. If it doesnt, then it is useless trying to point NS1 and NS2 to Xisto.Point NS1 and NS2 to ns1.trap17.com and ns2.trap17.com respectively. Then, depending on your location and ISP, it can take up to 48 hrs (2 days) for the configuration to fully take place. Then, you can type in your web url in your browser's address bar and zooooom.....there appears your website on the browser.Thats all you need to point your domain to Xisto.And about buying a .com,.net,.anything domain....you will need to register your domain name with any good domain name registrar. Make sure that they have the NS service or you wont be able to point your site's NS to that of Xisto. After you must have registered, follow the steps I gave before and you will arrive at the same answer.Good Luck.....


hmmm... I dont think I just put ns1.trap17.com in the redirect spot, but there arent to places to pu a URL anywere and I only have the free one so im guessing its not going to work. Ok, I am still going to use a domain though, when I get one that is. :P


Ok, I figured it out and I set up my cjb.net domain. It happened instantly when I was finished. Thanks for the help guys. :P


you always have to configure 2 name servers. dunt no y but u jus do :D


Well for that I think so, yes. But I am using Dynamic DNS so I use the IP Address given to me on the cPanel for my domain URL. :D


Sorry to disappoint you but uni.cc doesn't offer DNS until Februrary 2nd. Only domains registered before or on NOV 2nd (like my http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/) will work with DNS. But please don't worry, because you can always wait until FEB 2nd (in 2 days) and use it then! :D

Didn't I already explained this somewhere? Go into the "hosted" forum and look for DNS problem or support or info or something like that! It's got all you need! (And it's made by me, :D)

I see you got your cjb.net domain! They work in 2 minutes or so and you don't have to wait until uni.cc PROPERGATES... EWW...... Uni.cc takes about 4 days to propergate and it's quality is like McDonald food...

You can also use the .biz.ly service! You can find it at >>> nic.biz.ly

The only downside of that is that you have to have 30 visitors per day... which isn't hard for some people, but if your site doesn't have much visitors, I suggest you don't use that service or even try to register for it because you will only get rejected and you need proof too (like from a bravenet stat counter or something). There is even a message that says to not waste your time blah blah if your site doesn't get 30 unique visitors or something and don't waste the administrator's time etc. etc. etc. etc. blah blah and all tha jazz...

So be happy!

~ Dooga