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Are You The One Who Never Had A Quarrel With Your Wife.

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Dear friends whenever I have small bit of quarrel with my dearest wife I wandered whether there is any person in this world who never fought with his wife or who never had a small bit of quarrel with his wife. Obviously I love my wife the most in this world but even though many a times we quarrel a bit and afterwards when think about the reason for the quarrel it seems to be very silly so dear friends I want your experience on the following-1. How much you love your wife.2. Are you the one who never have had a quarrel with your wife.3. If not then which was the incident when you quarreled with your wife and afterwards felt very bad about what you have done.?Thanks dear friends for your replies in advance.?


First I'm not married but some days I feel as if i might as well be, and if a couple doesn't quarrel in my opinion its unhealthy for the relationship because then your holding it all in.Heres a perfect example: This morning she didn't answer my text or calls like she always has. So I begin to worry and of course my mind doesn't come up with the best reasons of why she isn't answering... So when we finally talk I get mad at her unjustifually so. And well to say the least I regret it.