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Steaming Sound File problems looping

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I've recently started using streaming sound files, the make my swf's faster loading but i can't seem to figure out how to loop them using actionscripting. I pretty much tried everything. If anyone can help, that would be great.round


Hey dude i have been trying to stream Mp3 files and it wont do it for me all it will do is start playing and stop or not play at all u have any idiea why?


i see 2 waysone of the is pure as but it is not worth the timeyou would hev to create a empty MCthen load the mo3 onto taht mcand controll it over ASbut the easuest way would be to set the loop counter to 100000000000000000000000000000000000000:P


How do you set the loop counter to 100000 ect when your loading it dynamically?Here's my fix, if it helps anyonecreate an mc and name it - music -//frame 1mysound = new Sound()mysound.loadSound("whatever.mp3", true);mysound.onSoundComplete = function(success){gotoAndPlay(2);}//frame 2gotoAndPlay(1);}//To start the sound using a button -* add _root if they're not on the main timelineon (release) { music.mysound.start();}//To stop the sound using a button -* add _root if they're not on the main timelineon (release) { music.mysound.stop();}hope this helpsround.trap17.com


i can loop the only problem i have i can't put midi files into it any way of coverting midi to wav or something, latle be a big help, thanks!


There's this site
which might help but i also think that itunes can convert midi's to mp3.
hope this help