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How to display swf attachment? Ipb Sites

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How to display swf attachment?Ipb SitesHi,I would want to ask if there is any mod that can help me to post a swf attachment and it will be displayed inside post as flash; just like when I post an image attachment that will display as image view.Thank you-question by Toran KokkusuKeywords: invision power board mod


Unless it is in a zip file I am not sure about it but the only mod I could find for displaying flash in IPB is a mod for IPB 2.1 and you can find it here http://mods.invisionize.com/db/index.php/f/6397. However, the description of the mod says you can by default but I haven't look at an IPB forum in years and so I would recommend that you post this question at either Invisionize.com or IPB's forums to get a better answer.