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Best Free Desktop Email Client?

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For over a year now , I've been using Vista's preinstalled mail service. But I've grown tired of the tedious configurations you have to constantly do and I'm looking for something new. I've seen Mozilla's Thunderbird but I was wondering if anybody knew of a better free mail client? And no , I don't want to use browser based providers :)


Well besides Outlook, Thunderbird, and Microsoft Live Mail Client I can't think of any other ones, might have to look at linux and see what they have for e-mail clents since odds are those can be configured for both network email communication and internet email communication.


I can't live without Opera Mail and Gmail IMAP. :)but thunderbird is good too.. havent tried outlook, I tend to stay away from MS products..... but heard a lot of good things with new Live mail though..


For Linux users, there is Evolution package which combines Email, Calendar, Events, Notes, Tasks, and Contact list.Works pretty good. You can easily send an email to the calendar to create a scheduled event, send emails from calendar events, track people and a bunch of good stuff. Excellent product.I used Thunderbird for a couple of years, and it was good, too, but Evolution is more integrated. I was having trouble with the Sunbird / Lightening Calendar in Thunderbird, so converted to Evolution and it all works better now.


I'd vote for Opera's built-in client first, followed by Thunderbird and then Evolution.Regards,z.


i use the Foxmail client , it is made in China 。i very like it


Outlook, gmail and foxmail. :(