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Add 7gb Of Space To Your Computer For Free Learn how to add 7GB of space to your computer without having to use c

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Running a little low on hard drive space? Need some more gigabytes? Well, my friend, I have the solution for you! I’ll teach you how to add 7GB’s of space to your hard drive…for free! And…without hardware replacements! *GASP!*


Have you ever wanted to download or install something, but have your hopes crushed by the fact that you can’t because you don’t have enough of those megabytes or gigabytes on your hard drive? Well, now you can have more! Just follow these easy steps!


Sign up for Gmail. If you already have on, you can skip this step, though I recommend that you get a new account for this.

Download a program called GDrive. This is what you’ll be using for your extra space. Download it here.

Extract it using WinRAR or other similar program.

Launch the Setup.exe from the extracted archive.

Once it’s done installing, go to My Computer, and there should be another drive, Gdrive, or something similar.

Double click it, and a prompt should come up, asking for your Gmail user name and password. Enter it.

Enjoy your extra hard drive! Read below for important info!

How does it work?


How does it work, you ask? When you store a file on it, you’re actually uploading it to your Gmail account. So, it does require an Internet connection. So, you’re actually uploading and downloading files from your computer! There are some downsides, though…


Cons: The number of files you can upload are limited. You can only upload them in 20MB pieces, so it doesn’t take over your physical drive (the one in your computer). Which also means that you can’t install files from it. Plus, Google can decide to block this service at anytime, since it’s unofficial. =(


From my blog: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


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I would store my non-important files on there. Although a safer way to do this is to simply buy a memory stick. Those things these days are cheap, and the file transfer size is unlimited. You can carry it around with you too :)


Isn't Gdrive an old news? We have been discussing remote storage services such as Xdrive, Gdrive and even Xisto remote drive (setting under cpanel).Please search the forum before posting redundant/outdated issue.