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Hi all I'm thinking of installing linux studio, just to give it a go. it looks pretty good from what I'm looking at. I was wonderring what's a good media player for linux? Something simmilar to winamp, WMP, iTunes, QCD/QMP. Something with a library that can handle 20 or so gig of music, something really stable. nothing too fancy, As far as advanced features go an EQ and being able to chance settings with the playback engine (like buffer etc)THX


The most popular ones are Amarok, Banshee, Kaffiene, Mplayer, etc. The first two only do audio, though, but have good support for media organization. Synaptic package manager should have categories on the side that allow for quick and easy listing of programs (e.g. Multimedia), but it is best to look under the universe repositories.


I'll list some great GNU/Linux managers for music for ya:- Rhytmbox- Banshee- Exaile- Amarok- VLC (available for Windows and other OSs too)- Mplayer- Audacious (very similar to Winamp and supports Winamps themes too)- MPD (and it's GUI players - GMPC as the most used one, I can't remember the other ones :))- Aren't they enough? Hope you'll enjoy them :)


I wonder if XMMS is still active in development? The last time i used that is in Fedora Core 2. IMHO, VLC and MPlayer is a better media player if you seek to play music and movies from a single player.