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Manga Studio?

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Manga Studio; does anyone have this program? If so, how is it? I was thinking about buying it for a manga or comic project that I was in the process of doing, and I was wondering how it worked? Is it worth buying?If it isn't worth buying, then what other program should I look into getting? I already have Adobe Photoshop, but I kind of like the idea about having a program like this. So, does anyone know anything about Manga Studio? Please let me know if you have any information on it.From what I hear it is a great program, but I can't be too sure on that yet.Thanks in advance.


I've seen screenshots of it, and there's probably a demo you can download and try, but i haven't seen any work from it that has intrigued me enough to try it out. But any program that allows for custom, resizable brushes and that is compatible with tablets should be enough for any kind of Manga work. Also, if you buy certain How to Draw Manga books, you can get a CD that brings some Manga material for Photoshop. For example, this one brings a CD: How To Draw Manga Computones.


Thanks. I won't buy it just yet, I think I'll just continue with Photoshop for a while. I have heard that Manga Studio is already going out into a 4.0 version, so I will wait to see what it offers before thinking about getting it. It seems like a great program though, and hopefully Anime Studio is the same way. :)


;) does anime studio do the same as manga studio....or is it different. Is the software for free??


Anime studio can be used for mangas as well. but little bit of stuff here and there. ANime studio is mostly for the motion animation while manga is obviously still strips. So that difference aside, some tools are common with both these softwares. And both the softwares are paid and you need to pay a little to buy them. if you're into this seriously then buy the software worth every penny. If you want to try free software for manga then use pencil which is free software that can be used for anime and manga as well.