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What Is The Best Dvd Software For Burning Large Compilations?

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Basically I have downloaded all the episodes of Terminator:Sarah Connor Chronicles from Amazon, which would be too large to fit onto a normal DVD. So I'm looking for software which will be able to compress the files to fit on 1 DVD for viewing on my DVD player.


This is known as DVD Authoring. You are creating DVD format from AVI, MPEG, WMA type video files. The difference between DVD Re-authoring and DVD Authoring: When you create DVD from existing DVD Audio_TS and Video_TS files/folders you are re-authoring DVD. Files (video and audio) are already in format that can be "burned" to a DVD without any conversion or encoding that after finishing the process you can playback from a DVD player.DVD Authoring requires alignment of video tables, audio library and sometimes synchronizing audio to video. Some authoring may require secondary audio, such as 5.1 surround sound encoding or sub-title.Since you have downloaded episodes you will be doing DVD Authoring. SonicDVD, MyDVD, Nero DVD, Roxio DVD are all good programs to author DVD's. For advanced authoring process, such as custom DVD menu, interactive DVD menu, mpeg background DVD menu and bonus features, try Adobe or Finale video suites that provides advance authoring options.