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What If You Can't Post? The new system has some loopholes

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I don't know about you guys, but my internet is sort of awry. When it goes it, it can stay out for a few days - enough time for my hosting to expire. I think people would feel more comfortable posting in the forums if they had a certain quota each month. Many people have busy lives with families and work that doesn't give them the choice to sit at a computer whenever they want, unless, of course, you want them to post at work when they should be working. Maybe, post 5 things a month? Something more relaxed. A community is one that should form without being forced to update and post all the time. And aside from the internet problems, many people go on vacation and can't access a computer or internet. I mean, if you're in the middle of India with no adaptors and power outtages ten times a day, what are you supposed to do? Not everyone can afford a laptop or a wireless connection and the chief concern of most people isn't keeping their account "alive", but talking to their families and researching.This forum posting requirement is a little draconian. How can you expect the majority of normal people to spend the time and effort to post and keep their community alive? Xisto has some great services, but with all the forum posting necessary, is it really worth it?


Ok here is from the new system rules

Q : If I cannot stay active at the forums, What can I do ?A : This is one of the most frequently asked question, The answer is, Be EXTRA active at the forum and collect enough hosting credits to take a nice leave. It is advisable that you ask an ADMINISTRATOR regarding your Account status and tell him about it so that he/she may verify your credits and can tell you, if you have sufficient credits or not.

Q : If I am in very Bad Emergency, then what ?
A : You can purchase the Hosting Credits. Please contact Adminstrators.

Ok here are some sugestions:

-Email the Admin and tell him about your situation
-If you can't really do the posting thing try another hosting.