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Greetings Cpanel

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Hello all I can't log into my Cpanel at all to do any information updates or changemy parked domains as per the last email that was sent. Any ideas and tips would be appreciated.


What's your website url? Is it still working!? If it's working you have to wait for the admin... tell more about what is happening... because you have only said a few information and admin will have more trouble to check it if you don't tell him your website url because he'll have to check what is your forum's username to see your domain!


http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ is the url and when i go to trystim.trap17.com/cpanel it no longer loads it.


You should ask OpaQue. His doing the script.. but maybe you're hosting account has removed due to inactivity working on cpanel.... so be careful


you allready send me a pm :Pand your cpanel is working for me...so the problem is at your side i think....