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Java And Jsp On Trap 17 Java and jsp on trap 17

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Any one out there set up a web site using jsp technology on trap 17.I am new to trap 17 and am wondering what your experience of this is? :lol: clivec


i didnt see anything bout jsp support on the feature list.. but they may support it and its just not listededit:found in the forums that they do support jsp so i was wrong... that needs to be added to the feature list on the free services page


Thank you wwilliams for clarifying. To further clarify, JSP is supported only when an individual submits a special request to Xisto - Support. And the case is reviewed per case and only granted by the server administrators.Otherwise, JSP, by default, is disabled and unavailable to all hosted members. The last time, I was told that JSP will not be available due to increasing abuse from novice programmers. So to keep Xisto hosting server's reliability we ask that all JSP requesters consider purchasing Xisto - Web Hosting paid services.