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Clicking Ads Instead Of Posting At The Forums?

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hi, can we just click the banners (on a regular base) instead of posting at the forums? In the end, Xisto earns money by the banners being clicked and it would be more pleasant and easier for members if they only had to do this..... any comment? :rolleyes:


More than advertising revenue, we want to build a firm and strong community! Hence, we require members to post at our forums.


True, I would also rather have an active community than have ad-revenue. Not only is it a good idea for us to have to post in order to get FREE web-hosting, but these forums have a place for everyone to talk about whatever they want. This will keep everyone talking, and as long as people want to keep their subscription to this site, they will in return keep these forums from dying.


Anyone who has a problem posting a tiny one message per day has a problem. You're getting much more than most payed hosting providers would give you for free and you don't want to spend one or two minutes posting a small message for the day? If someones not going to do that how can you have enough time to operate a webpage.


A shame on you, man! I feel unloved! I think forums are a great idea to keep Trap 17 running...and let's be honest, what would you rather do, concern yourself over the mindless business that is the advertising wonderland, or voice your opinions over relevent and thought-provoking topics? Seems like a one-street for me... :rolleyes:


i agree the forums add value to Xisto, they are interesting and very helpfull. But for people who haven't got english as their mother tongue, it takes more time to read the messages and to make a decent post. Much more than the 2 minutes per day, as someone just cited.. In my opinion, a lot of people just post to post. they are "forced" to post to keep their account. If those people would be free to post (so only if they want to), shouldn't that be better for the forum (spam etc..)? I'm not intending to pull this community down or to have it in for someone. It was just a remark/proposal. :P .ok?


The forums also help Xisto members with their hosting, they dont need to search for info somewhere else, because off all Xisto visitors someone has to know the answer of your question. (Unless its a "Why do we live" question :P .)


Thanks for your vote of support


There is really nothing wrong with posting at the forums. You don't have to post MBA work every day here,and it is also ineresting to watch this community grow. It's still very slow to get answers at some parts of this forum,but it will be good for sure soon. Thumbs up for Xisto!!!


it may be more convenient to just click the banners and poof thats it but its more fun to talk to people on the forums. get tips and give advice as you need or see fit. the more people who use the forums regularly the more people that can give advice to those of us who may need it. or they could ask questions that ther people are afraid to ask about. see you must post to keep things in order :P