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Arrays And List Boxes VB6 Codes needed

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Hello Guys,I am working on an application. It is such that there are 2 list boxes or combo boxes. One is Labeled Departure and the other is labeled Destination. The boxes contain various states in America and each state has its unique feature of distances. The difference of the distances has to be reflected on a label.Where I need help is a code to execute the contents of the array into values For instance:Option ExplicitPrivate Type Stateinfo statedeparture as integer stateDestination as integer TotalDistance as integerEnd Type Dim StateDistance (10, 20) as stateinfoHow do I code the list-boxes to display the Form_Load values in a label?Hope to hear from you soon.TM


Ok, you're going to have to be much clearer than this...If I understand you correctly, you want a certain label to show distance between two destinations? The easiest way would be to have the distances encoded in a matrix, and just pull the stiff from it... For example, distance between state 1 and state 8 is 100.... So, array Distances(1,8) = 100.... And so on... Get the idea?I just assumed this is what you want, if not, explain a little further and maybe I'll be able to help...


I havent done a lot of VB recently, but i use to use it a lot.I would recoment for a smaller list, just have a list of distances between each desination, and departure.you should probably plan that out first, by making a table like# 1 2 3 _____1|0 2 72|2 0 93|7 9 0 - some of the maths might not work in that above - i wasnt really thinking.If there are lots of locations, you might have to use a graphical or grid appoach - i have never really used that before, so im not sure how you would do it. But just a list of distances would be the easiest method by far!