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Admin Account? Hpw?

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I need a tutorial which is mainly about creating the administration page for my we-site. Those are my requirements so far:1. It has to have a default data to access.2. Once you entered the admin section, other administrators can be added.3. The administrators are classified at many different levels, priveleges.4. More functions/requirements you can add if you consider them as usefulThanks.


Well what do you want to do, address each one individually! No. 2 for example, basic sign up form with in the administration page!Privilidges, Make each privelegde a "variable"?? or ?I don't know what you would use, and then apply settings, id advice downloading some open source content management and looking through their scripts!


Thanks, but I wanna learn by myself, I will understand much better, rather than just download it and plug it into your web-site.