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Pdf Reader?! HOW???

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Do you know some online PDF reader? That it can read PDF files from the browser, which does not call the original Acrobat Reader window. Ypu may see the sample at books.gmail.com?!


ya i know about one but i actually don't recognize the name but it is a Mozilla firefox add-on so you can search it by Mozilla.


Can like PHP language itself read the PDF formats?


How a browser handles a pdf is Browser dependent, so... some browsers will view the pdf, and some will download and save them. the settings are user settings for the browser , as well. You, as an Author, are not able to decide the settings for the User.


Actually Haslip I have to disagree with you on that as there are php functions for pdf or setting up pdf like documentation and it has been around since PHP 4. here is the link for that documentation


As for the firefox mod your thinking of biitu is called PDF download and that can be downloaded here.


All right. I think it will be better if I draw some picture what I need exactly and then post over here. That everybody got the physical concept of my idea!!!