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Really Great Hosting! =D

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I've actived my account fifteen minutes ago (aeiuaheiua) and I have to say: you are a really great webhosting! Congratulation! As I've promissed, I'll click on your advertisements regularly, you can bet on it! :)Awn, sorry if it's the wrong place to post it... I'm really confused :rolleyes:\_


Very True :) Xisto free hosting has beaten some paid hosting ive seen out there! :rolleyes:


From what I have heard from many friends,it is for sure the best free-hosting.I hope I will get free hosting in next few days to check for myself.As for now,it seems very user-friendly and professional.And posting in forums is way better than banners and ads.Lycos is the worst hosting EVER.I have regreted for opening hosting there.


Your MEmber status shows that you are now Hosted! eNjoY ur hosting ! :rolleyes: