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Photoshop Or Photoimpact? For share photo on the web

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For two years, I used Ulead photo explorer to create website to share photo on the web, but recently I have lossed this software, and I decide to purchase a new software to handle this job. I have selected Photoshop and PhotoImpact, but still can't make a decision to purchase which one. Could you give me any opinions for this two softwares? Which is more user-friendly?


Photoshop is surely the professional package. It's renound as the best or definitely up the top for image manipulation. I've used PhotoImpact only a little, and while it is certainly good for image editing, it does lack some of the cooler things Photoshop can do.In terms of being user friendly, both require a bit of trial and error, but there is definitely a lot of free documentation on the Internet for Photoshop, I'm not so sure about Photoimpact. You also have to consider price, I know Photoshop is quite expensive, I don't know how much Photoimpact is. If you do decide to get Photoshop, consider Photoshop Elements, or even PaintShopPro for cheaper alternatives...