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Mirc Bots Can I run?

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Can I run mIRC bots on trap 17?Thank u


This is webhosting, not free shell accounts. Go here for those:



this is a free webhost not free shell.. running a mirc bot like eggdrop will eat up too much memory and make our server unstable .. i dun think that u will be allowed to run a background bot here ... from my experience ... u could hardly find a free shell that let u run mirc bot because u will ruin the whole server if alot of ppl is trying to flood u or DOS attack ur bot... My advice is ... if u really wanna run a mirc bot ... find a cheap webhost that have shell access .. and i think by paying them they will let u run ur mirc bot .. and besides that .. u can have a web hosting too


mirc bot ? egg drop,bnc hmm that is sure 100% trap 17 and all free shell hosting will not offer you. Xisto also offer only space for website! webhosting not shell providing. Long time I find many free shell website and find it none that realy give me free shell for run background process / bot. If you really want tohave it. I recommend you to paid for shell too. for me I know with my university System admin and I request him for 1 shell I use it for only run psybnc. and one time someone got flood my psybnc so admin is delete my shell. So bad. :rolleyes:


not eggdrops, I mean PHP bots