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Splitted Files - Allowed? questions about splitted files...

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Is it allowed to have splitted files? like if i splitted a 30 mb file into 6 peaces (5mb each) is it allowed then? cuz then every1 would download all 6 peaces, wich would be eqal to downloading a 30 mb file... but! if it isn't allowed u could make the splitted file a zip file wich contains a url to the next peace, wich would make it impossible to download everything at the same time... so my question is; is it allowed to have splitted files on ur website? if no: is it allowed to have ziped slitted files whit url? if no to that question then: ok... to bad... :rolleyes: i hope u unerstod what i ment whit the ziped, slitted file thing...


i believe there are no file size restrictions in Xisto free hosting unlike other free web hosts. so you can either upload any file size, either in full or split. but i also know that when your site hosted in Xisto (or anywhere for that matter) mostly provides huge multiple download files, your allotted bandwidth will be used up very easily. and members are discouraged from making an entirely downloads sites in Xisto. there's also the issue of what kind of files you are providing as downloads. you know the general rules just like any other free web hosts: no warez, no cracks, no porn, etc.