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Java Applet Query

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Hey there, I have made an applet that shows images moving about the screen. I have pause/resume buttons that work. But i've noticed that when the applet is interuppted by something i.e moving another window over it, it will automatically repaint.My question is how can I stop this? How can I make it so that the only time that paint is called is when I want it to be called?Thanks in advance!


Since no one has posted on this, I'll try a suggestion...Can the Graphics object be declared final or static, or something like that?I'm not sure if this would help, but it seems like the browser is always calling repaint() so I'm not sure if there is much you can do.


You could make a new method:Something likePublic void drawIt(Graphics g){ g.DrawString(...Etc}And call it.I believe you can override the paint function by including:Public void paint(Graphics g){}In the code.