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What I Do ? Have u even faced this problem with phpchat ?

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I am running website http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ because i donot want to hire any webmaster, i am learning how to maintain a website. I have installed a forum and chat. But chat section is not working in proper manner.

For installing chat, i used phpchat which is available in cpanel. After installion i made some change in some php files because i donot want to let people register themself for chat. I already have registration form on my website, so why again ask for registration.

So what i want ?

I already told i have a registration form on my website which inform me when a visiter register himself. After getting visiter info i personally contact him by email and manually register him on my forum and chat. I configured forum easily but for chat section i made some changes in php files which are located in lib,admin and chat folder.

I have made changes in following files -

File name location

(1) link.htm chat\chat

(2) welcome.lib.php3 chat\chat\lib

(3) mail_validation.lib.php3 chat\chat\lib

(4) index.lib.php3 chat\chat\lib

(5) mail4admin.lib.php3 chat\chat\admin


You can access chat panel here. chat panel

You will find without registration any user can enter in chat room (I donot know where iam wrong).


Following changes i have made in above files.

(1) Link htm - > I this file i removed hyperlink of phpheaven website(not their logo).

(2) Welcome.lib.php3 - >In this file i make following changes -

original file contains-

case 'english': // For english users

define('WELCOME_MSG', "Welcome to out chat. Please obey the net etiquette while chatting: <I>try to be pleasant and polite</I>.");

case 'english': // For english users

define('WELCOME_MSG', "Welcome to CNC INFOTECH chat. Please obey the net etiquette while chatting: <I>try to be pleasant and polite</I>.");


(3) mail_validation.lib.php3 -> In this file i change following lines -

$Sender_Name = 'Director (CNC INFOTECH)'; // May also be the name of your site

$Sender_email = 'brazesh@yahoo.com' // For the reply address

$Chat_URL = 'cncinfotech.in;;


(4) index.lib.php3-> I this file i remove following lines so visiter will not able to register directly for chat room -

<A HREF="<?php echo($ChatPath); ?>register.php3?L=<?php echo($L); ?>" CLASS="ChatReg" onClick="reg_popup('register'); return false" TARGET="_blank"><?php echo(L_REG_3); ?></A>


(5) release.lib.php3 -> In this file i made following changes-


define("APP_NAME", "CNC"); // Application name

define("APP_VERSION", "INFOTECH"); // Application version number



(6) mail4admin.lib.php3 - In this file i only change email and sender name.


Please help me. Am i doing something wrong ? I haven't break copyright rules(you can see phpchat logo in chat section). I only remove hyperlink and made changes in release section.