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Hi everyone. I was wondering if I could do this with my account: Ok so ive got 15 posts and I request package one, I get it. I upload a site and im merrily happy. Then I reach 25 posts, and im nearing my websites limits, can I upgrade you package two? Then the same for the last two packages. I just want to know if this is possible, and it wouldn?t cause trouble for you wonderful admins. Not that im saying my site will be a hell of a load on your server, im just asking about it. There was something else I wanted to ask but ive forgotten now so.. Never mind. Thanks in advance.


Edit: I just posted a 467 (without spaces) message, over three lines, and my post stays at one?


yes you can just get an upgrade when you reach the posts you need for that upgrade, no files will be deleted or anything...woew... you called us "wonderfull admins" ... i'm happy now ;)and the other thing you wanted to ask...think about the question and just ask it.. ;)not nessesary to make a new threath doh,only if its really importent...


Oh, Ok. Didn't think. Thanks anyway.


The reason your posts stayed the same is because posts in the support area don't count, regardless of the charecters (I found out by expereimenting)


Thanks for that Dooga