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I understand that as you upgrade your hosting packages, you get more bandwidth. I've used over 50% of my bandwidth and I'm hosted with the second package. I was wondering, the most bandwidth that you could get is with the last package? I mean, it's only 3 GB. Is there any way to get more than just 3GB of bandwidth if you have the last package and you are running out?


Only 3GB?!?!?! ONLY!!!!!!!!Thats 3072Mb of data transfer, PER MONTH!!!If you added up about 50 of the 100's of accounts on Xisto, that might not even add up to 3Gb!And your site is not exactly full of hige images and files is it?


i know you must get tons of visitors to use that much bandwith. the main site cant take that much the forums cant be that bad of a bandwith eater. by the way, 3gb of bandwith is alot to most accounts.


my website used up about 700mb (but actully when i see the details in the bandwidth usage it's only totaled up to 350mb) for about 100 pageviews per day. And my website is average sized n everypage is about 40kb. So i think 3GB is quite good and absolutely more than enough for a normal site.


It is your responsibility to monitor and adjust for the amount of bandwidth you are using. No special bandwidth exemptions are given to any hosted member, all being treated equal.I strongly suggest you do either of the following if you run into trouble with your bandwidth:*Remove or decrease file downloads on your site, if you have any.*Reduce image quality or explore different image formats.*Host unecessary files on images sites with uncapped bandwidth, and link to them from your subdomain.*Use tables with background colours instead of plain single coloured images.I hope that helps, possibly other users could list more ways of decreasing the bandwidth use by visitors ;)


._. Yeah, sorry about that. I forgot that you get monthly bandwidth; that is starts over every month. I mean, if it didn't start over every month and it did every year, 3GB would be tiny. Sorry for my stupid idiot question. >_>*Punches and kicks self*