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Controling A Parent Timeline From A Loaded Movie

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Hello,I've got a movie that is loading a random swf into a clip.Each random swf contains a different photograph which pans and then fades out.What I need to do goto the first frame in the parent timeline and start the whole process again.My questions are:A) How do I reference the parent timeline, I've tried:_parent.gotoAndPlay(1);but it doesn't seem to work.;) What's the best way to unload the movie once it's run it's course bearing in mind it uses the following random code to load it:url = "image" + Math.round(Math.random()*1) + ".swf";loadMovieNum (url, 1);thanks in advance


I'm not sure if i exactly get what your doing or more to the point how your doing it. But why not just get the .swf files your loading to loop by putting a goto at the end that way you don't have to play around with _parent .Not sure how to unload your movie from your random function. I'm mean you could add a timer to it.round