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My Idea For A Form Of Government Eleutherionism

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You don't know anything about Marijuana, or else you wouldn't say that.

Uhhh, excuse me, but I am perfectly capable of know what marijuana does. Medicinal marijuana is complete bull crap and you know it. That stuff ruins your grey matter (and since you probably don't know what that means, it means your brain) so it is infact, bad. The benifits of it, and I will be the first to say that there are benefits, do not make up for what is lost, few things are as grand and irriplacable as a human mind.

I agree, Hillary Clinton is terrible.

Yes, but you know what else? Hillary Clinton is handing Barack Obama's *bottom* to him. That guy wants to go and have tea with people who wish death upon us all. So why is a form of government from someone who wants to have Barack Obama as a president a good idea? Exactly. . .

The middle east is a very vague term to use. There are plenty of perfectly fine middle eastern country (not necessarily American-ized, but fine in their own right)

I agree. We do have allies over there.

Political affiliation doesn't have anything to do with having your head on straight.

No it doesn't, but people who DO have their head on straight are Republicans :rolleyes:

Don't call me boy, you little punk.

Do unto in all you do, as you'd do unto you. If you call me a little punk, I will have no respect for you. If you can behave like the adult you think you are, than I will be happy to respect you.

Also, calling me a little punk only furthers your immaturity and ignorance and therefore gives me another reason to call you boy ;)

Do you need some Bengay for that pain?

Yeah Saddam was bad in all, but the Iraqis certainly don't love America (don't care what your dad tells you).

The reason why that statement is so ignorant is because I have sources who have been there, done that, and they know more than you. Oh yeah, they also know more than you CNN does, seeing as how that channle is nothing but propaganda.

The Iraqis want us over there, and qquite frankly, if you don't know what you're talking about, just try not to say anything at all. Everyone here would appreciate it.

Oh, and one more thing. The Iraqis that you see on TV, on the internet, or in the newspaper/magazine are just the bad half, we're actually making AWSOME headway over there. For about every one to two guys of ours that we lose, they (the BAD Iraqis, not the good ones) actually lose anywhere between ten and twenty. The people at CNN or [enter your liberal *bottom* tv/radio station her] don't say anything about what is going good in Iraq for two reasons:

1.) They want to make the president look stupid


2.) Bad news sells. I mean, would you be more likely to buy a newspaper that says "Town struck oil recently- economics look great!" or one that says "A bus full of children killed sunday on their way back from the zoo"? Unless you are a major in accounting and economics, you are either going to pick both up or going to pick up the one about the buss full of children.


Above The Rest

I'm not going to argue about irrelevant stuff. If you want to talk about my form of government idea (without insults, flaming, or unsourced statements told as fact) then I'd be glad to discuss it, but this has nothing to do with it.Just for the record, I don't watch CNN, and you don't know anything about my knowledge of what's going on in Iraq. Just because I don't agree with you doesn't mean I don't know what I'm talking about.


Drugs are already illegal lol. Plus outlawing normal smoking would mean there would be a big black market.

Above The Rest

Drugs are already illegal lol. Plus outlawing normal smoking would mean there would be a big black market.

Good luck importing or growing tobacco in a Eleutherion country....


No it's not a weak argument. If someone is dumb enough to drive after doing anything that may (or may not) impair their judgment, or operate heavy machinery, or wield a weapon, then I wouldn't blame that on the substance.

Ummm sense makes none. Imparing someone's judgment would disable them to make smart decisions. Or, here, let me put that in terms you can understand. It makes them stupid and makes them make stupid choices.

Furthermore, no I am not a pot smoker.

Suuuuuuuure you're not. . .

I've never smoked anything nor drunk any alcohol in my life. Characterizing me as such because of the opinions I hold is absurd.

No, the views you have are absurd. It's kind of obvious when you say "Pot isn't bad but ole granny's tabbacy is!" that you smoke or have seriously considered it. . . but then again this is the internet so we don't really know. . .

It's an concept that I came up with the other day. Obviously it's got kinks and it's very rough around the edges, but give me a break, it's still a concept. It has major work to be done, and that'll be accomplished whenever I have time. I'd like to write up a paper on it at some point, but I'd definitely like all of your input to go into this concept. I'd like to know what you all think will work and what won't.

It has kinks out the wazzoo. If it has major work to be done on it, then why put it for people to hand your *bottom* to you? Well, I think we all stressed to you the whole "what will work and what won't work" concept, but you're being stubourn after you said you will be open to our ideas.

And as for the whole "Pot has yet to be accounted for any deaths and Tabbaco is wayyyyyyyy worse thing": What in the hell are you smoking? I WANT SOME!

Furthermore, recent studies have shown that Marijuana doesn't carry anywhere near the negative effects that tobacco does. Obviously any sort of smoke will cause lung damage, but that is the users choice. Feel free to correct me (with proof of course) if I am incorrect in my statements.

Tabacco is a long term killer, yes. But I know of people who have died within 15 minutes of smoking blunts. The fact of the matter is that this is an asinine concept to say pot isn't bad but tabacco is.

And for the whole it doesn't have anywhere near the bad effects of tabacco: you must smoke pot because that is infact, asinine. The fact of the matter is that this is a recent study by YOUNG scientists and the study has yet to be refined.

I was actually thinking about outlawing alcohol, but I'm not sure how free a country would be if it were outlawed, and the maturity difference between 16-18 seems to be negligible in most of the people I've ever known.

Of the people you know, yes, but of the vast majority of people no. You don't know what you're talking about in the grand scheme of things.

And anwiii, I've been reading your posts as well, you seem to be the one talking about things you have no knowledge about.

Oh yeah buddy. That's reeeaaaaal mature. You seem to be giving people a reason to say those things because YOU have NO IDEA what YOU are talking about.

Like I said, this is just a concept. I'd love for all of you to make changes and corrections and to post them in this thread. Personal attacks on my level of knowledge are useless and annoying. Instead of saying "Oh, you're dumb, you know nothing!" try saying "Recent studies have shown that marijuana usage can cause severe damage to the liver, etc." instead of insulting my intelligence. It's much easier to take you seriously when you back up your points, and you present them like a rational human being.

Well, if you'd just stop giving us a reason to call you asinine or dumb, then wed, infact, stop calling you those things! Sheesh it's common sense!

And just for the record, after the pot thing, it's been really hard to take you seriously.

You reap what you sow.

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