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Suspended ?

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Why is my account suspended? ;);):P I responded to the mail.I know I haven't been here much lately but that's private.Please tell me what's wrong ......


mine got suspended as well. there was no mail.


Set your cPanel username in your control panel

NO CAPITAL LETTERS! That migh be why, an automated script is run everyday (i think) If you set it now, you accont wshould be active by tomorrow.


Ok I changed the cap B from my cpanel username into a small b.I hope this works.Ifso thanks cragllo.Ifnot please let a admin tell me what else is wrong.I like Xisto and it would be a shame to lose it and look for another.


mine got suspended toobut my user name is the same as mine at my sitecould the capital R make a difference?


I have no idea if it will make a differents Raptrex.But I changed it and now it's just waiting what will happen.I hope everything will be returned to normal.If I was you I change the cap. letter in your name as well.After all it's a moderator who said it.


The capital DOES make a difference.....Yes moderators know..lol..kidding. but still it is something to do with the caps.NO caps in cpanel names in the profile...and your account will be active in a day or less.. mine has doen so...so that's proved it works.Your account has DEFINATELY not been deleted...etc...anyways there have been many topics about this and the answer is simple: NO CAPS IN CPANEL NAME IN THE PROFILE./closed