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Signature Battles: Sign Up Sheet. Yes I am actually going to start one.

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I hope this works out. Only respond once to this post to sign up. It will be closed after this year ends. I will then make the brackets and there will be voting and all that. And yes I am entering myself.


I'm going to enter myself just for the hell of it, cuz my sig is kinda lame compared to the ones ya'll can make, but before the year ends I should have a decent grasp on graphics, and I may make another... who knows?Panda(So pretty much, I suck, but i'm entering anyway)Panda -Out

Mr. Cheeky

ill join in this sig battle.. it'll be cool to see how good everyone is with graphics on this website.. im usually on graphics forums and i lose sig battles and stuff because the people are amazing but hey ill try it out.. sign me up ;) Mr. Cheeky

Triple X

Even though i still suck with PS, sure sign me up.


^ Bumpage for those who still want to joinBump again, can someone make this a sticky?Did anyone else wanna join?


*Signs up*Erm, yeah.. I really need to change mine (I just haven't got the time lately, I've been upgrading my pooter! D:)