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Urgent Help Needed

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OK basicly I made an IBP board and created a new group and joined that group.This subsequently(sp) moved me out of root admin group BUT it won't let me move back into root admin group.So basicly the question is how can I get back into the root admin group.ThankyLaterzMatty


check out http://invisionize.com/ and go to 'Tools' i think they have some sql stuff that make u be able to become admin again


Sorry Its taken me a while to reply (I've had about three prize givings, a magic show all this week).But I have figured out how to:1 Take MySQL backup2 Edit the part about your user in the backup file3 Run the backup in IPBLaterzMatty


Alternativlely you could just delete th database then rerun the sql for install with you as the root admin. Depending upon your version of ipb I could hook up up with a sql command to make you back as root admin, just detail me.