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Xmb Hacks [the Shop One] I need help

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Okay I have been trying to install the Shop Hack for AGEs and no one in the XMB forums is helping me.
Any chance some one here could tell me why everytime I go to the shop link it comes up as:

"ERROR You don't have permission to view the shop!"

I mean I am logged in and everything....everything else works fine......please HELP !!!

linke to shop --- > http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


I aint good in installing those hacks.! most of the times, I screw them up myself.. but I visited your site and wanted to say that it was one of the sweetest site I have seen... I reminded me of DIDI ( that charcter in Dexter's Lab )... LOL.. very nice theme and template.


Go Dexter's Lab ... I Have not seen that in AGES!!! and how could it remind you of Dee Dee....she was such a *BLEEP* !!!Thanks for commenting on it...but I need help =D *AHEM* *I NEED HELP* *COUGH COUGH*


Did you use the one in the Cpanel auto-installed? Because if you did then it isnt the final version and there could be errors!Your best bet is to download and install the latest version.


Can I just download the upgrade ?I swear XMB 1.9.1 RC2 Nexus (RC2) was the newest one after 1.8 ?