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Well GuyzI thought we should have a banner exchange here,any one here interested in banner exchanging with me,you put my banner ad on your website,and i will put you ad on my website, we both can earn sometraffic from it, i think this on of the best way to promotewebsites....so is any one with me,you can check out my site any time you want,i will accept any size of banner,480x60,300x30,etci will be awaiting for your response,thank youbye guyz


Download EasyBannerFree its fast and easy to manage and is more fair


Zubair,Buttons are better than banners because banners are bigger than buttons.:(It is not a tongue twister... LOL. It is true. 88x31 size buttons are ideal for affiliate linking. I am doing that on my site. If u are interested, PM me.This applies to anyone who has a decent site and is interested in increasing their traffic.