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Ufo Propulsion. What do you think?

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They might have made some other kind of wave. Maybe a thought wave. They just have to think to move. Or maybe a touch wave. They point in the direction. Or maybe even a smell wave!

No. That's crazy. Although I am aware Copernicus was once called crazy too :)


I don't think there would be any UFO's because they would have to travel along way.

I initially thought this statement was true but then, my mental gears churned out some ideas:

1. UFO's are almost always assumed to be alien spacecraft. If so, they will be traveling long ways, unless they live just on the other side of the moon.

2. Then there is also the possibility that if UFO's were crafted by non-human sapient civilization, they might not even be from other planets. They could be here too, living on the ocean depths, in the asthenosphere or, like I said, on the dark side of the moon.ote from Futurama:


3. It is also possible that they are man-made. We have the technology but we're not telling :)


So, you see, UFO's may non-necessarily be extra-terrestrial technology.


Technically, UFO's are just anything moving or suspended in midair, which you cannot identify. So if you're really young and have seen a balloon floating in air for the first time, you technically have seen a UFO :rolleyes:


If you turn on a flashlight and set it on a desk, it does not move.

I've been thinking about this... If, for a moment's suspension of belief, light does propel something using Newton's Third Law of Motion, then a really, REALLY, REALLY powerful laser might do the trick. However, with the number of UFO sightings worldwide, such a propulsion technology would have probably burned the planet off a long time ago.


I'm not sure if I already shared this; if I did, allow me another chance to share a qu

The engine does not propel the ship forward. Instead, it moves the entire universe about it.

Boy, that'd be fun, hm? Difficult to maneuver, yes, but still fun, nonetheless :rolleyes:

Cerebral Stasis

There is always the possibility that humanity could have come to a technological climax in the past that eventually left us without any records. In other words, maybe humanity has colonized the stars many times over, we just forget how. Case in point, the steam engine was first invented in Rome during the first century AD, and the steam-powered train was even proposed, although it was dismissed as a bad idea, due to how it would leave Rome with a bunch of slaves who had been busy transporting people without a "job". Yet, the concept was forgotten for another seven hundred years, before it again began to pick up steam (if you'll pardon the pun).As far as UFO propulsion goes, I'd say that, based on what I have read and seen in articles/documentaries, we're pretty much stuck here in the Sol system, at least for the foreseeable future.

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