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Max Avatar Size

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can u please increase the max size of avatars to 100x100... the width of the left bar for each persons post is like 200px, so the avatars wont stretch the page...


muahaha good job my avys are just the right side....The smaller the better....don't have to design oh-so-fancy avvys <3


But I like 100 by 100 avatars :(


yeah, most modern forums now have 100x100 avatars since advancing technology + broadband means you need to worry less about bandwidth and more about content.However, I've seen this happen a lot of times, when the limit is increased many people publish crap avatars. 80x80 makes them think more about how they want to design them so it is better.(Eg, some of you may have seen the insanely long stick figure anime sequence that is 9 megs or something.... I saw that as someone's avatar on one of the forums I'm a member to. Needless to say, I blocked that image permanently.)


I'm suggest 80x80:(