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Which Web Server Programs Are The Best? The best web server programs survey.

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Please vote and tell me the reason why you have chosen that product. I'll wait :)


Abyss web server.Because I told you about it :) Enjoy! Googlue!!


Hi. I have tried that... lack of features... now i am downloading apache conf program (to help me configure apache) and http://www.inetpowerserver.com/index.html and im also trying to download Xitami and omnihttpdhelp...


Why isn't apache on the list? Apache is probably the best web server but is probably also the hardest to set up because there are so many options. There is also MS's IIS services. These 2 are probably the most popular web servers and aren't on the list.


I use Abyss Web Server to test all my websites and scripts... PHP installed and MySQL too. Easy to install them with good step by step instructions on how to...Apache is hast to setup, Got me fooled!


Why isn't apache on the list?

same question here :D

counting out apache is like .... (im in a lack of words)
apache is the best period
this pool is "funny"neglecting the best one on the market :)


OK! May be karlo forgot to put two of the best servers in the list... I have done it. :( So now you are free to vote for apache as most of you are gonna.. :(


Why does Xisto use the version 1.3 of Apache instead of the latest version 2.52? :(