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Why Is It That I'm Not Able To Log In To My Site?

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Fu Still Better

It says that my site cannot be found...I'm trying to log into my control panel, but for some reason, I can't.Is the server down or something?

Fu Still Better

I'm guessing no one knows than.... :)But, now I'm able to but a lot of times I'm not.If you know what the problem is..please fix it plzkthnx


fsb, maybe connection problems on your end. i check cpanel everytime i go online (3-4times a day), and it works fine (except for once, when there was a problem with thedatacenter where Xisto servers are located. but it's fixed now.) or some firewall restrictions in one PC if you're moving from PC to PC when checking cpanel? am just giving some possibilities... can't know for certain. :)

Fu Still Better

Well, the problem's fixed now, but thanks for the info.It turns out it was my connection.