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A Href Question

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Okay i've a question!I'm building a site a educational site.Now on my index page there's link for event conducted,under which there will be monthly events.Now the details of this monthly events is supposed to be in event.html file. this even.html file will contain detail of all months event whose link is on index.html.So how in the index.html should i link the event.html so that if july event is clicked it should directly take the user to july event in event.html and not to january event.Thanks in advance folks

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I think i understand what you're trying to do. You would have to use the name attribute for the anchor elements.

Example (for event.html):

<a name="July">July</a>

Then when a person clicks on July in the index.html:
<a href="event.html#July">July</a>

It would scroll to where the anchor with the name attribute that has the value of "July" is.


wow that was quick! Thats exactly what i wanted! Thanks a lot.


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