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Embedding Textfields And Buttons Inside A Textfiel

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I have a fla file which creates mutiple buttons dynamically, and a dynamic textfield to go with each button as a label. Depending on the number of rows in the backend database, the number of buttons with their textfields can grow significantly and, therefore, after about 10 instances, they go off the flash movie area so the remaining instances cannot be seen. I don't want to increase the height of the movie or make the instances smaller. What I would like to do is place these buttons with their textfields inside a scrollable container. I would prefer to design and code my own "up" and "down" buttons. Is it possible to embed these instances inside a dynamic textfield and then use the .scroll property?? How would I do this using actionscript?Is there a better way of doing this? :)


Im not that advanced on Flash but I think what you want to do is impossible.Insert buttons on a Textbox? The hint was there, "text''box.Maybe you should just use movieclips and scroll them with anything or anyway you are comfortable with. Quite hard to picture it. Do know any sites that you had the idea from? A sample maybe?