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My First Contribution Fast banner i made

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OK this was something Quick i made im going to make more of them admins is there anything spefic you want on the banner? if so plz post :D



Posted Image



Tell me if you like my banner thx :)


I think its good but thats me :D


I like it, but the font is a bit confusing...Try to make the font and background blend together a bit, it looks too roughf at the moment. Good Job though.


I wanted it to have a little wite in there but as you say ill make a nother one that will look better! thank you for the tip i gotta give you a point of REP for that one :) i like all of your banners you are the BannerWiZ :D ehehe well thanks again!


I wouldent saim in the 'Banner wiz' i just get bored alot, lol


try a bit harder to make.. uhh better colours not jsut black and some pic of a computer..and no were on that banner that i can see does it say Xisto :)


Don't like the colors & the text on top is very hard to read...


Yes it's very sweet =DNice to contribute every now and then =Dbut....yes the dread but......NOT butt lmao....I rekon you could do with a border and instead of using old english,or whatever the font is, use something simple and readable like verdana,tahoma,arial,century gothic etc...Overall good attempt ^.^


The colors are ok but the goth looking font is hard to read and it kinda give the wrong imoerssion about the site. But hey that banner is better than i can do. This was just my opionion (sp?)


I was just looking at http://forums.xisto.com/topic/125-user-contributions/ and they are using some of the banners Ive made for them, WooooooHooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!