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Find Mods Ads For Invision Power Board 2.0.1 help me

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I building a forum on invision power board 2.0.1 ! It really good to growing up and rebuilding ! I added game inferno to forum ! Now , i need insert banner and ads of Xisto to my forum , but i don't have scripts to add ! Can anyone help me ? Thanks a lots !


im not sure if there are any scripts that let you have banners on ipb2..but have u tried http://www.invisionize.com/? if u can't find anything there, ur gonna have to edit the skin templates of ur forum and add the ads manually <_<


I found mods http://www.invisionize.com/ but it hard to run on ipb 2.0.1 and both 2.0.5 ! I'll written a mod for it , it's way fastest ! :) And i trying mod inferno 4.3 and writing few mods add to ipb 2.0.1 and i'll test them on ipb 2.0.5 soon ! <_<