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Real Web Talk - Free Domains my review of this free domains service

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Real Web Talk - Free Domains


Good Points


Although they are primarily a free domain service, they also offer various methods of free advertising, such as having a topic stickied (pinned) about your site and sitewide banner rotation for a month.


The admin there is very helpful and responds to all support questions very quickly. He sets up the domain very quickly and meets the promise that your domain will be set-up within one day of your domain name application.


Unlike most competing free domain services, they allow you to register more than one domain name. In fact they allow you to register up to three and all of their domain names are regsitered until the end of your life (or their site's closure, whatever comes first).


For those you are unwilling to make the required 30 points to maintain control of your domain, you can place a 125x125 google ad on your site.


Bad Points


The discussions there are very free/paid webhosting oriented. There are about 4 or 5 forums there which are aimed at hosting discussion. Perhaps, later, this will haunt them when they find out that their traffic is less than competitors who began their services later than their's!


Points are arguably hard to earn. To earn a free .com (without paying money or referring), you have to make anywhere between 50 and 250 posts. Comparing the cost of buying and maintaing a cPanel license and that of a domain, there's no competition. cPanel's more expensive by far. Maybe domains will cost less when the forums become more active.




Altogether, this free domain service is very good and it's the first I've found which actually registers the domain. I give this service an overall rating of:






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