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For the most part ive had no problem with the amount of ads on this forum but recently the ones that make sounds (refering mostly to the talking smileys) are very annoying. I really hope that in the future ads will not concentrate on the use of sounds, more flashing to attract attention.

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I noticed that the add site only supports one PHP database. It is nice to see that Xisto is broadening their horizon, but could it be bumped up a little to support... maybe 5 or so?(Sorry, but this keyboard is broken so some letters are appearing wrong.)


I agree. I can deal with flashy ads, but ads with sound send me over the edge.


i hate popups that open when u close a popupbut as for the sound thing i just turn my speakers offmaybe u should try the same and stay on the edge? *ponders*


i dont mind the ads on this site..lol at least there is no popups..but i do have to admit the sound ones are annoying..:) like when you listening to music really loud..and all of a sudden..HIGH PITCHED NOISE...lol..they dont bother me that much tho..


lol They can get annoying but they are doing it to make money to keep the servers going. Because they are giving free hosting they don't get money out of it except from their ads. So everytime you here the annoying voices just think of the good services Xisto is providing many people. :) lol I mostly have my sound muted or I avoid them all together by keeping my mouse to the side when I scroll down. It really isn't a big deal if you don't have your mouse over them you don't hear em.


...not only that, but they throw all over their forums so that they're not on YOUR site.


I agree, and there is TOO much to look at


The ads aren't that bad in my opinion, but there was one that always bugged me a whole bunch. It was the "Swat the fly!" flash advertisment, and it the flies made this annoying buzzing sound.. but those've gone away some I'm perfectly content :)