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Dell Support Team Sux

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Whenever I call in for support for my dell computer i get transfered to some peopel from India that cannot speak english. It is the most annoying thing. Does anyone else get this problem cause it is really annoying. :rolleyes:


Once you get on the phone, transfer yourself to the department that suits your problem best, and wait until someone gets on the line. Figure it out from there.


lolz, a high school mate of mine is currently working as a tech support for Dell, I wonder how she'll react to your post/ hehehethose calls that you guys make are actually directed to custumer call attendants at CAll Centers outside US. and The Phillippines is one of them, Call Center Companies are now shifting from India to the Philippines because Indians are having hard time faking their accent. heheeh (no offense meant).I also would like to work as a call center Agent because the pay is good and it doesn't really require someone to have a degree (except maybe for the Tech Support). So if you recieve a spam phone call, it may be a Filipino faking his accent. heheeh


dude same here their commercials lie, just because of the support i said goodbye to my harddrive b/c they wouldnt help me with anything.. w/e and their comps suck also so im running on whole new 1 <_<


I've spoken to both knowledgeable and people that don't have a clue. I spoke to Mary Anderson (sic) in India. I had trouble with her accent. Next time I drove rep nuts repeating his answers slooowly which he did and resolved my problem. Luck of the draw.

-reply by Michael