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Frontpage Layers Problem css or overlapping or something problem

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I am building my site with front page and I have it set up so that it stays centered and adjusts depending on the resolution you look at it (css or something like that?) and I need to overlap some flash with other elements, but when I try using layers the site gets all out of place because my page moves but my layers stay exactly in the same spot throughout the different resolutions. Does anyone know how to make the layers move with the site or if theres an easier way to get things overlapped?Thanks :rolleyes:


The LAYER tag only uses absolute positioning so you aren't gonna be able to make it move with the rest of the content.As long as LAYER hasn?t the position attribute, if you want to use something that works like LAYER, and you want a relative positioning, try ILAYER instead.<LAYER TOP="20" LEFT="20" WIDTH="250" Z-INDEX="3"> <img src="alvarez1.jpg"></LAYER>Another option is using DIV and use relative positon, something like this, I think.<DIV STYLE="position: absolute; top:20px; left:20px; width:100px; z-index=1;"> <img src="image.jpg"></DIV>Layers are complicated, hope you?ll find the way to do it :rolleyes:


<ILAYER TOP="20" LEFT="20" WIDTH="250" Z-INDEX="3">    <img src="image.jpg">

Sorry, I put LAYER and no ILAYER in the example. :rolleyes:


Reason i can think of why they arent moving is probably because you dont have the position as "relative". Having it relative will move based on the size of the window. Having it absolute will mean, whatever the location was given will stay at that location no matter what.


Alright thanks guys I was kinda wondering about that relative stuff but now it makes sense to me. I apreciate the help.