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Bearshare.. just like kazaa but even better

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Doesn't Bearshare make you accumlumate points or something or limit you on how much you can download?? I haven't used bearshare in a long time. But there was some limitation.


Nick GY



I have been using Bearshare for many years and find that the cracked version is more stable, it connects quite happily to the Gnutella network unlike all the others like kazaa which is totally full of spyware when I done a scan, my scan was going wild with detections and alerts!, limewire the older versions are stable but do contain spyware as well and now have nasty network BOTs.


Emule, Shareaza all simular but you have to pay for access now, the only other downloader I would use other than bearshare is BIT TORRENT, this is secured and if it is configured correctly can be quite a powerful P2P.


These PSP programs contain spyware products upon installation such MyCoolWebSearch, BarginBuddy which flood your system registry and can be too complicated to remove the entrys and then a standalone application embeds in to runtime areas making it harder once installed to remove them, even some of the more powerful removal kits such as Spybot Search & Destroy and Adware ect cannot delete completely.


So this is why I use my version it has nothing at all inside it which can cause hassle to my PC, and also what ever I want I can get without problems.



-reply by Nick

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