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I Finally Have My First Image In My Sig

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Se?or Maniac

very happy


I actually like it Senor Maniac. :(I'd never have thought of using that hue of green with a black complemental color. I'll have to keep it in mind next time.


haha.. such a nice community in here.. Fair.. :( sorry my post is not related to this topic. but i was just browsing the forums... and just a comments! :( well nice one folks. :(

Triple X

MS Pain't'd >_> eh its ok IMO. The green is meh but still its ok.


the only thing i like in that sig....it that funny sence it has... :( simple as that


its retro thats y i like it, reminds me of a simpler time with sigs :(


Atleast it stands out :(


i like it because it's stupid. :(


your on your way man keep it up and u will go good keep working at making a sig even though i cant make one i *BLEEP* at it but oh well keep up the good work and i ment it i cant make one its to hard

Se?or Maniac

the only thing i do not like about it is the fact that i had to use gif. It lost som of its original color


wow, its great for a start,I like it, its standart but yet advanced, a great balance

Triple X

the only thing i do not like about it is the fact that i had to use gif.  It lost som of its original color

Using MS Paint? as I asumed you did......SAVE AS A FREAKING PNG! It never takes any of the quality from pics for me..unlike gifs and jpgs.


PNG rocks....just, it is a source file for Fireworks, so every single time i make something, must go ti GIMP and compress it :(...i use GIF only to make animations....@senior how could you lost many colors with gif format, when a gradient detween green and black has only 33 colors, and gif suports 256....are you lying maybe? :(

Se?or Maniac

ok yeah i do not have any other program

Se?or Maniac

i changed it so i do not see the dots anymore


i like this one better than the last one.ig you add like a background to the billboard it would look even sweeter :(.Nice Sig by the way.. some awsome work if its in paint

Se?or Maniac

yes some is paint and some is from print artist

Triple X

yes some is paint and some is from print artist

All I can really say is..interesting o_O nice too.

Se?or Maniac

i like it. It helps me spread the gospel and it looks cool. I mean who does'snt look at a billboard.


yeah I agree with triple X and Se?or Maniac speachless.. and who DOSNT look at a billboard? eheh see all those billboards that say " you just proved that billboard advertising works " lol gotta love those

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