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This is prolly one of my best yet

and theres this one...but ill admit its crud...

And this one...more crud

what do yall think?

Personally id give it these ratings in this order





I like the second one.. The only problem with your siggies is they are too big.The first one is also good, but then again, too big and the border doesen't realy match.As for the third one.. Not even going to go there. Looks like just a tutorialed image with no customization.Once again, the second one is superb, just make it a little bit smaller.You are getting better.. Keep it up :P1st 5/102nd 7/103rd .../10


lmao ye the third one sucks i know, i was just experimenting a bunch with lasso tool...yes i did that text with lasso tool :PAnd theres a reason i make my sigs the size they are...they arent signatures, some are for banners on webpages, and a bunch of other stuff, only a few of mien were actually meant to be sigsAnd ive only used 3 tutorials ever...2 of em were on borders, one of em was on texts...the third one wasnt tutorialed...it was a simple bunch of gradients>wave>invert vertical>hue saturation thats basically it...the third one was just text experimenting~EDIT~ and i did somethign else to get the bg on third..cant remember what


and try to make a small border for your siggys :Di like the 2nd most, but it will be nice with a border, just a tip from me


How did you create the text on the third one, then?


i used a lot of channeling skillz...lol...i used channels to select only the invisible text, then used move tool or w/e and filled the leftover with black