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Virtual private servers (VPS web hosting) are a means of splitting a single physical server into multiple virtual servers. Virtual private servers(VPS) are sometimes called virtual dedicated servers.


Xisto offers KVM vServers at cheapest prices possible!

Our vServer Nano VPS plan starts at just $5 / monthly. Each VPS is hosted on Dual Xeon Processor server. You will not find KVM prices cheaper than this. Many VPS providers who offer VPS as cheap as $5 use OpenVZ technology. 
Cheap VPS Hosting prices do not mean low quality, this is what makes us stand our from all our competitors. Unlike many other service providers who sell OpenVZ and Hybrid Virtualization, Our VPS are deployed with Full-Hardware Virtualization technology called KVM.


Highest Security Guaranteed!

KVM offers highest Security and Fastest Performance compared to any other technology. KVM VPS offer Dedicated Resources without sharing. All our VPS are powered by multi Core CPU and optimized carefully before deployment to avoid any issues in future.


24 x 7 x 365 Days Friendly Support

At Xisto, You get un-matched friendly support by our Expert Team. Unlike Shared Hosting, Virtual Server requires user to be more experienced with Server OS. Our Experts are eager to assist you with setting up your VPS for Production Use.

Each VPS can be scaled upto 128 GB of RAM and 16 CPU Cores.

The biggest advantage of a VPS is that you can increase or decrease the resources on Demand! Support you run a large Marketing campaign and you are expecting a 100 fold increase in traffic, then a VPS is the right choice to make! Each VPS can be scaled to as much as 128 GB RAM and upto 16 cores.


No Over-selling!

Many VPS providers will resort to Overselling usually by offering clients OpenVZ technology. KVM servers are very isolated and cannot be oversold. OpenVZ hosts are often oversold, OpenVZ servers are typically a cheaper cost than KVM servers.


Each VPS supports upto 128 IP address(es).

OpenVZ provides the end-user with speed and scalability, and it’s more affordable. KVM offers private virtualized hardware including network card, disk and graphics adapter, and guaranteed resources for increased reliability and customizability.
KVM packages are ideal for serious resellers, game servers, small businesses, and medium-sized enterprises.

Order KVM vSERVER with Free DDOS Protection