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How's things?


I rarely visit now. Still not happy with the state of things here.

I am going to start writing my tutorials else where, more in tune with what I am currently endeavouring at the moment and that will be working on Linux Mint Cinnamon (not officially) but improving a lot of their python scripts there in the mean time.

Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon "Sylvia" - BETA has currently been released and I've just been reporting bugs and pet peeves at the moment, but I am slowly working on forking a lot of their projects and fixing things up. It's amazing what developers can hide behind the scenes in their code.

I had always imagined how things may improve here, and it really seems we needed to cut the sub-forums down or at least try to specialise in just a certain area. As much as content is king, old content isn't. That is why I've decided to help the Linux Mint Community, because it has only one area and that is for their own operating system. It's also a lot easier to stick to one subject. Free web hosting offers are just no longer viable when others can just hand them out without requirements. You really need content.

Another problem was losing my original member because I asked to delete my hosting and never realised I'd lose my user (27th person to sign up at Astahost) along with a lot of what I wrote also disappeared over time, my C programming and ASM tutorials, things that I wrote on the spot. A lot of my content also now belongs to IGuest, mixed with many other IGuest content.

Things that I find programmers need:

Virtual Environments (Possibly Cloud Based)

Pastebin Sites

Video Uploading Sites

Image Uploading Sites

Subversion Sites

Linux Mint has a huge number of followers, and if you provide the services that they would need, you will claim them. These services also would apply to other distributions as well. There just doesn't seem to be one that combines it all. In fact a Virtual Environment Subversion would topple most subversion sites, because you're no longer downloading and building things, you're working with the same environment as the developer and will be up and running quicker.

Well, I wish you guys all the best. I will visit again, but may be months to years, I never know sometimes. I just visit to see if anything other than the shoutbox has changed.






Thank you MC for your valuable contribution. I do not think your content should be belonging to iguest. It should be under a new user. We can get that content back into your account. The forums are mostly dead and Google is not showing any signs of improving our ranks. I am going to change all links from http to https (SSL) and see if it has any improvement.

Some keywords I saw that produced our page on SERP are : hoaxmail login, trap17, c-evo vs freeciv...


Hi, MC,

What about posting something here about your ideas?

I agree with virtual environments, could you explain what you mean with "cloud based" ? Are you talking about the reeal thing with full redundancy between several datacenters ?


Hi, Folks!

Completely off-topic :

Happy new year!


Haha... Happy New Year ! Sorry for the late reply 😛


Oh Yeah! Thanks! late reply is better than no reply T_T


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